Ava Lizzette Living is about healthy living, high style & positive inspiration.

The company’s mission is To creatively inspire the world to live well, feel good, be good and do good with love, passion and authenticity.Ava Lizzette living provides a modern and stylish twist on living well. The company’s mission comes to life through a myriad of sub companies;beginning with our FEEL GOOD-healthy living brand “Ava” the juice doctor where the focus is on nutrition & beauty with juice therapy being the foundation;Our BE GOOD-positive inspiration brand is Creatif Juice Cards where we spread love, laughter and inspiration with an artistic and inspiring greeting card and product line.

And Our  LIVE WELL – High style brand Ava Lizzette designs is high style inspirational clothing and home accessories line.

The DO GOOD-neighborly love intiative comes to life through our non-profit organization, “A Love Foundation” which spreads random acts of love and kindness to individuals, families and communities through educational programs, mentorship and financial grants.

Brand Pillars:

  • Feel good (Healthy Living)

  • Be good (Positive Inspiration)

  • Live Well (high-style)

  • Do good (neighborly love)