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ava began on a personal journey to find happiness and healing, after a few wake calls. Her journey lead her on a road to discover health and wellness through holistic nutrition.  This 10 year journey bloomed into a passion that made juicing and raw foods a staple of her lifestyle.  The RAW food and juicing lifestyle produced a nutritional RICHNESS that resulted  in weight loss, health and beauty transformation that has enamored those around her.  She is inspired to share, educate and inform others of her journey and all that she has learned. Although not a medical doctor,  she has been tagged Ava: The Juice Doctor.
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How does one become a juice doctor?  Well, Ava Hall’s journey began with a good ole knock at the door or shall we say a  ”wake up call.”  It was about ten years ago when doctors thought she may be dealing with the degenerative disease lupus.  In her twenties, she thought it was a premature medical crisis and she was determined to escape the diagnosis.  It was at that time she decided I’ll stand on my faith and I’ll become as healthy as I can.   So, she became ultra-intentional about the foods she ate. She began nutritional research, she met with iridologists, holistic doctors, she read books and began to make significant changes in her diet. People around her began to take notice, not only because of the noticeable weight loss. But because Ava shared with those around her the bad foods she was eliminating and the good choices she was replacing them with.  She made the transformation fun, for instance, she began to personify sugar as “the devil” and that caused her to stop refined sugar cold turkey.  That was only the beginning. Her diet transformed to majority organic vegetable & fruits, grains, legumes and fish. Her friends and family often teased her about eating grass and flowers, and that perhaps her eating may be a little too clean and extreme. But, they also called upon her for recommendations for all types of minor health conditions and weight loss. This journey has not come without its ups and downs –  after becoming a picture of health to many around her,  the unexpected happened.  One day in her office at work she felt an extreme pain in her chest, she calmly summoned her assistant to tell her she thought she may be having a heart attack.  She was rushed to the hospital only to find out she had a spontaneous pneumothorax or a collapsed lung.  There was no explanation from the doctor’s only that sometimes it just happens.  She was in shock, how could this be?!?  This was a perplexing set -back for Hall.  She thought did my health fail me or did I fail my health?  She began to think why am I being so health conscious, if things can just happen!  So Hall had a short lived rebellion—And then the epiphany, Hall knew she should could not stand by and let a “it just happened” moment steal her thunder.  The “Rocky” theme song began to play in her mind and she got her health mojo back.  The comeback was propelled with a daily organic vegetable and fruit juicing regime and lots of raw food.  It was a stronger love affair then before.  Hall and others were amazed at the health results, weight loss and beauty transformation. People began inquiring “What did you do?”,  “Your Skin is glowing,”  “Your hair is so silky.”  She once again started sharing the information on the benefits of juicing, teaching others how to juice, and her best recipes.  Those around her began calling her  “the juice doctor.”  She’s even been asked to make some house calls.   Over this ten year health journey, there’s been a lot of research, a lot of dietary changes, and at each phase Ava’s nutritional exploration has resulted in a cleaner approach to health, eating and living.  Although, this journey began to find happiness and healing, it has become so much more.  It’s lead Hall on a road to discover health and wellness through holistic nutrition and a passion that has made juicing and raw foods a staple of her lifestyle.  Hall is preparing to become a holistic nutritionist. She lives in Washington, DC her with daughter, Ariana and miniature pinscher, Bella.

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